Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lake Powell, Utah

 It's in the U.S, but for me is still traveling and an awesome place to go; Lake Powell. Besides Powell being the most beautiful lake I've been to, it is also the best fishing I've experienced. Certain times of the year people head to the lake to catch strippers when they are boiling. A striper boil is when a huge school of stripers are eating and messing around near the surface, creating a crazy looking frenzy that should be any fisherman's dream. On a normal day people can pull in between 40 to 50 big stripers, during a boil, more than 100.
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Besides the epic fishing, Powell has the best oportunity I've ever seen for exploring canyons. We would boat through narrow canyon after narrow canyon, just awwed by the scenery. Supposedly Lake Powell has more coast line the the whole United States. I spent six days on a 67 ft house boat in Bullfrog Bay, and I love the place. How about I just let the pictures do the talking.

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