Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another World Journey: Part One

First stop After leaving the States was Bogota, Colombia. I was a tad apprehensive since there was a state department warning for Colombia, and like usual everyone was telling me i shouldn't go, and i was sure to be killed. All the warnings from the armchair travelers back home was for nothing though, and Colombia became one of my favorite country in South America. From Bogota i worked my way overland all the way south through the continent counter clockwise to Rio De Janeiro.I bussed it through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chili, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. From Sao Paulo I flew back north to Venezuela. My last night was spent sleeping next to some cool Europeans in the airport because the hostels were too expensive. Venezuela I spent 5 days resting in Trinidad and Tobago wandering the beaches and not doing anything, before continuing my world journey by flying to Perth, Australia.

NYE in Rio

Machu Picchu


Quito, Ecuador

Witch Market in La Paz, Bolivia

Iguazu Falls

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