Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vietnam: A Facebook-less country.

The morning after our last dinner together, I was pryed out of bed at the god-forsaken hour of 8 am, to meet Jae for the long bus ride to Vietnam. It was a 6 1/2 hour journey to Hochi Minh, and I spent the majority of it reading the book called "Portraits from S-21", a story written by a survivor of the S-21 prison where all those people were tortured and killed during the Khmer Rouge regime. It was discovered that he could paint, and he was spared from death, only a few days from when he would have starved to death. He was kept alive to paint pictures of Pol Pot and other Ankar, meaning leaders of the Khmer Rouge.

Simular to the long flight from Dallas to London, the 11 hour flight from London to South Africa, and many other long flights or bus journeys, I lucked out on the ride to Hochi Minh City when the person I was scrunched up against got off in the first hour. People joked with me that I was very lucky, being the only one on the bus with two seats to myself. It seems like I luck out allot at times like these.

When we arrived in Ho, we didn't have to walk far before we found a decent hostel, called Kim's Place. The only downside to being in Vietnam so far is that Facebook has been banned in the entire city. The government makes it so that the website doesn't work at all, in the entire country. I will survive though, obviously my blog works. Welcome to a communist country.

Next stop: Vietnam War Remnants Museum. I've been warned about the propaganda and other slanderist remarks at the Museum. A place where slogans like "Evil empire of the west" and other anti-American retoric are frequent. I can deal with these oppinions once in a while, as I am bound to run into it SOMETIME in my epic journey. ( 9 countries so far, not including the UK and Qatar that I only flew through)

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