Monday, March 21, 2011

My Travel bucket list

I was once on a travel blog sharing site, and I ran into a group of people sharing their "travel bucket lists" and the things that they had crossed off so far. One of their objectives was to hopefully meet other people with similar lists, that they could plan trips with. Well I can't say that this all gave me the idea to write my own list, considering I've had one for a long time, but maybe by sharing it, I can get some more motivation or possibly, some company for the next adventure. I have more things than just travel related stuff on my list, things like 'become divemaster' or 'raft a category 5', but considering this is a travel blog, I'll only list the travel related stuff. The ones that are underlined are ones I've marked off.

 My Travel Bucket List

~Set foot on all 7 continents                     ~Spend three months or more abroad 
~Learn a second language                        ~Spearfish in Costa Rica
~Set foot in all 50 states                           ~Ride a camel in Mongolia
~Ride an elephant in Asia                         ~Study abroad
~Dive with whales                                    ~Backpack from Mexico to Panama
~Cage dive with sharks in S. Africa          ~Drink vodka in Russia
~Eat sushi in Japan                                   ~Spend New Years in exotic location

~Swim with sharks                                   ~Road trip across a country
~Fish in the Amazon                                 ~See the seven natural wonders -- II
~Motor bike through a country                 ~Marti Gras in New Orleans
~Ride Trans-Siberian rail                          ~Get a tattoo in a foreign country

~Eat shark abroad                                    ~Eat croc/gator abroad
~October Fest in Germany                        ~Dive the great barrier
~See the big five in Africa                          ~Set foot in 50 or more countries
~Volunteer in Africa                                  ~Be in Rio for Carnival
~Stay abroad for two or more years          ~Dive for Lobster

~Dive Borneo                                           ~See running with bulls in Spain
~Backpack from Thailand to Indonesia      ~Hitch hike in a foreign country

~See the Great Wall of China                    ~Backpack through Australia
~Work in a foreign country                        ~Circum navigate the globe
~Swim with sting rays

I realize that some people's list may be more detailed or ambitious like "Save a starving and malnutritioned homeless child in rural Burkina Faso", but by keeping my list broad yet simple, I believe I am perfectly capable of checking off each thing by the time I turn 30 years old. If and when I do, I'll definitely be making a new list with earth shattering standards. I'm getting a little ahead of myself though.


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