Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Nomad Chronicals

I lead a restless kind of life
wandering around, my only vise.
I get bord so easy, no one can understand,
the only thing to do, is wander the land.
I rode up Table Mountain, loving the heights,
but a week later I had Zambia in my sights.
I checked out Vic Falls, what a wonderful view,
but couldn't help thinking, what can I see a-new?
I went diving in Tofo, thinking I would never leave.
A week later I found myself in Malawi.
Monkey Bay was fun, for the time I was there,
though I was distracted, with Tanzania in the cross hair.
Zanzibar is a place, people stay for eternity,
unless you are me, not done with the journey.
Africa is great, not to be missed,
and with Asia next door, what more can one wish?
I flew into Bangkok, flip flops and all,
not one second, would I stall.
My friends all said "Thailand, what a good idea"
but a couple weeks later, I woke up in Cambodia.
I went to the beach, I went to the temples,
right about then, life seemed real simple.
That night I dreamed of great beauty, in a far away land,
It seemed like a new passport stamp was soon at hand.
Vietnam, now that was a treat,
but all of the sudden, Laos sounded real neat.
If I continue this story, I think you'll see,
wandering the world, is the only thing for me.
the things I see are never enough,
when greener pastures can be seen over the bluff.

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