Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Different Ideals

A guy from Holland at my hostel in Dar Es Salaam thought I was crazy the other night when I came home late one night. "Why would you walk around after dark, especially alone?", he asked. "What am I supposed to do? stay in my room all the time?" He went on to say I should have friends travel with me or a guide. I asked him how long he had been in Africa, and the answer was 3 days. I told him that I wasn't a pro yet, but I have been in Africa for three months now, one of them completely on my own, and had made it from Mozambique to northern Tanzania by myself with a small budget and a big backpack. What was my other options? Go home when all my friends left Africa a month ago? It would of completely broken my heart to have had to go home to my small apartment, go back to school, have the highlight of my life be when ever a new episode of UFC came on. The main thing I thought about back home, when not studying or something, was about the trips and adventures I wanted to take, and swore I would. My friends can attest to getting bored with my constant dreams and "hey we should go here". To them they were pretty far fetched goals. Not far from it. I heard allot of times that I should either just go somewhere or just shut up about it. So what was I suppose to do, not go, just because I was bound to be going alone? It's always more fun with a friend, but not having one there shouldn't stop you from doing it all together. So needless to say, I was always a tiny bit depressed back home, knowing exactly what I wanted to do, yet thinking it wouldn't happen. But on the contrary, now that I'm traveling the world, there isn't one thing I can think of that I would rather be doing, so the creeping uneasiness inside and sadness has not even poke into my mind a tiny bit. Maybe that's the key to happiness; find the thing that you would rather be doing than anything else in the world, and do it.

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