Thursday, February 10, 2011

Late night entertainment

The other night I was sitting at the bar in my hostel at 4 in the morning with some guys, when this drunk dude stumbles in, hooker in tow. As they were within earshot, we got a little entertainment from eaves dropping on some hooker-client negotiations. He was drunk as hell and slurring some none sense. She was very good looking and clearly irritated by the guy, but eventually I heard the words "fine 200 Baht ($6)" and she led him to a backroom somewhere, him trying to kiss her along the way. Me and my new travel buddies smiled and shook our heads, then went on with our convos and beers. Not 2 minutes later however, the guy comes running out shirtless, begging the bartender for mouth wash. We see the hooker slink away through the door. Wondering what the hell happened, we asked the guy what was up. Eventually, after some blank stares and refusal to talk, the suddenly cold sober Brit came out with just one sentence: "That was no girl, dude." It took a minute for that to register, maybe less for my friends that had been in Thailand longer than me, but then the laughing commenced. I refused to believe it at first, remembering that he/she was pretty damn good looking, mini skirt and all, but eventually I did. My out of control laughter soon turned into my own blank stare at the wall as well, as my friends explained to me that there were many of these lady boys in Bangkok, and not all are hookers. Had I checked one out? Now how do I know? That one was pretty dang convincing. I'm not talking about hookers, I would never mess with them, but what about any of the other girls(?) that I might of smiled at or winked at, and had gotten a response back from? I'll just say that I guess it's a lesson well learned. A hilarious one I'll not soon forget.

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