Monday, February 21, 2011

Leaving the coast

 With the men waving, the girls weeping and the dogs howling mournfully, I step onto the bus, not before stopping and doing the Nixon wave to my loyal fans as I embark to my next destination. This town will recover from my leave taking eventually, but it will take many a sorrow full night. OK, I might be exaggerating a smidge, but hey, I did make a few friends. I probably gave out my e-mail and blog info to 10 people. It was kinda awkward when a couple girls wanted my phone number, and I had to explain that I had no phone. Oh well, they can write to me. Now it's time to check out the killing fields of the capital. (can't remember how to spell it, so I call it the capital)

The message lounge

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  1. Hahaha! You are dreaming about the crowds! Lol! I love the pics, especially the first one of the plant - great detail. You should e-mail that to me with the name of it too if you know it.