Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm a poet and didn't know it

My friend Mike wrote a poem about traveling in his blog, and it made me curious if I could too. So I guess he was my inspiration to give it a try.

 Traveling the world on my own where ever I go, I call it home.
 Don't you get lonely? I may be asked. 

 I meet new people everyday, It's no menial task.
 I'll arrive by myself, on the beaches of Cambodia,
 five minutes later, I'm having a beer with girls from Estonia.
 I'll get on a train in Malawi, full of dread,
 Get off in Tanzania, with my new friend Fred.
 I stopped in Pattaya for some food,
 met a guy named Jim, what a cool dude.
 I've wandered the streets of Bangkok, wanting to rest,
 I get invited to a bar, by 6 people from Budapest.
 In the middle of Panama, I got onto a bus,
 By the time I hit the border, I had a new buddy Gus.
 I sometimes get lost, when in Costa Rica,

 but on every corner is a cantina full of senoritas.
 Hanging out in Zambia, can't be beat,
 ton's of Peace Corp Vols, you will meet.
Riding a chappa in Zanzibar, isn't real great,
but that's how I met my London mate.
So when I am asked, don't you get lonely, wandering the land?

I just smile, they just wont understand.
So if you don't believe me, grab your pack.

Experience for yourself, life off the beaten track.

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