Monday, February 7, 2011

Leaving Dar

On my last day in Dar Es Salaam, and in Africa, the worst robbery occurred yet, to a fellow traveler staying at the YWCA. This Asian guy got into a market cab and headed to the bus station, and on the way the driver went into a back alley and stopped. Two dudes jumped in and beat the shit out of the guy, then at gun point, took him to the ATM and forced him to withdrawal $7000. He put up a fight, and they even shot into the ground threateningly, when he wouldn't give the right pen number. When he came back to the Hostel, his eyes were swollen shut and he was a pretty dejected dude.
Well I had already bought my ticket to Thailand, and was feeling pretty ready to go. That has nothing to do with my experiances in Dar, I've just been hearing so much about Asia. The YWCA seemed like it was turning into a getaway for the recently robbed, newly broke, waiting for funds from home, group. It was sad really. . Atleast five people where there that had been cleaned out, and where waiting for some assistance. I shouldn't let their experiance deter me from going back, and I wont. I could have stayed in better areas, nicer parts of towns, and I need to remember that. I knew the risks and awards of staying in a guetto, seeking the cheapest accomodation, and I would do it again. If others are thinking of coming here, just remember that you can have a whole different experiance. Africa as a whole is an amazing experiance.

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