Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Itenerary delima

This was the general plan for Africa

 I've been getting e-mails and reading the news about the turmoil going on in Egypt and Turkey. Coincidently, as you know, those countries are or were very soon coming up on my itenerary. Within weeks I was planning to be in Dahab doing my advanced scuba course. Now everyone is saying it is impossible to get into the country, and even that the U.S military is evacuating it's citizens. I'm even starting to meet other travelors with the same delima. Well poop on a stick. We'll see what happens in the next couple weeks, but if Egypt and Turkey are out of the question, than so is the middle east. The only upside that I can see, is that I can spend that projected, oh lets say $200 per country, on other countries. For example, an Australian travelor I met said that flights from Bali to Cairns are realy cheap. That would enable me to cross 'Dive the Great Barrier' off the ol bucket list. Or I could use the money for the Chinese and Russian visas, and cross off 'ride the trans-siberian rail'. Whatever I do, ya know it will be cool.

This is a possible new itenerary. I was already planning on South East Asia after Africa, but if I am skipping the middle east, then I can add Australia (in blue) to the end. This is probably what I'll do until August, at which time I'll get more money and do the trans-siberian rail... probably.


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