Saturday, February 19, 2011


fermenting fish

After a few days in Koh Kong, I caught a bus for Sihanoukville, the country's only beach scene. By now I am use to crazy bus drivers, and was very entertained by the other passengers as they gasp and "oh my god" every time our bus does something crazy, like push motorcyclers off the road or take turns too quick, or pass other vehicles on blind turns. Once in Sihanoukville, me and four other young travelers agree to share a taxi to get to Victory Beach, where we wanted to find a place to stay. We had heard that Victory Beach was less of a touristy area than the party scene of Serindipity Beach, and that's more to my liking.
We ended up taking a tuk tuk. With 5 people and 5 big bags it was very crammed and for sure a spectacle for the locals. It dropped us off on what we call hooker road, and we walked a ways until we found a good, cheap place. Later on we went out to eat as a big group, and it was nice to have friends again, feel normal. That night they convinced me to go out with them to check out Serindipity, and a great night we had. The good news about drinking in Cambodia is that it doesn't have to be considered in the big spending bracket. After a long night of drinking, I look into my wallet a little apprehensively, only to discover I've spent only $6 all night. Then I have to remember that drafts were only $.50, and vodka-red bulls $1. Life is good (till morning).
The next day I am awake by the crack of noon and decide that renting a scooter will be fun. I rent my 50 cc hog, $5 for 24 hours, and head out. First thing I know, the police are waving me down, pulling me over to the side. They say that I am breaking the law by not having a helmet on and must pay them a fee. I had the helmet hanging on the handle bars, but being I'm in Asia, there isn't one that will fit in the whole country... so there it dangles. I asked them how much the fee was, and they said "what ever was in my heart to give them". Damn crooks. finally I haggle them down from $20 to $5, $7 if they give me a liter of gasoline for the bike, that i saw they had sitting in buckets. So I left them with $7 less, but with half a tank of gas.
From there I made a bee-line down to the beach. It took me a while to find it, but the ride itself was more fun than the beach. I loved riding my scooter around Sihanoukville.

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