Monday, February 7, 2011

Hello Thailand

Someone told me that if I got through Africa alone from Cape Town to Zanzibar, then Asia will be a walk in the park. Contrary of what you here about Bangkok being scary and dangerous, I've been here one day, and am in love with it already (and I usually hate big cities). From Dar Es Salaam i flew to Qatar, about 5 hours away. From there I headed to Bangkok, another 6 hours away. Once there, the airport buses going to kho san road where going to be a wait, so I took a taxi. Things where suppose to be cheap here, so I was confused by the $10 taxi fare, but did it anyways, because I was so tired. I soon realised why it was so much however; that being it was about a 45 minute drive. On the way there I was in awe as We drove 80 km/h on smooth highways, and dodged not one pot hole, bicycle taxi or donkey cart. We didn't stop for one person, so as to get more fare money. Not one check point did we have to bribe some drunk soldier to proceed. I silently said "no more Africa". When we got to my street, which was recommended by other backpackers, I was again in awe. Cars cannot go on the street, so I was dropped off at one end. It looks exactly like pictures you see of Bangkok back home. A narrow street, with buildings on each side, seeming like one long building going down each side of the road, and vendors and shops everywhere. It was pretty damn exciting. As I got out of the taxi I expected 6 people to come rushing up to carry my bag, sell me drinks, exchange my currency, take me to my hotel, to be my guide/best friend. I was about to put on my straight face, and get ready to say allot of no's, but then instead, it was nice and quiet. No one seemed to notice at all, and I loved it. No one asked for money the minute I embarked, no one insisted I need a guide. Also, 9 out of 10 people on the street were white and donning backpacks just like mine, wearing flip flops just like mine. ( these $2 flip flops have now made it from southern Mozambique all the way to Tanzania, and now Thailand). Needless to say I was in heaven. Lonely Planet mentioned there being like 3000 hostels on this street, so I just mosied. I found a cool little place in the middle of the hubbub for $5 a night with free wifi and cute workers, and sleep for a few hours. After that it was time to explore the area. Countless food stalls and noodle carts and bbq's, mixed with tents filled with flip flops and books and paintings and tattoo shops and people and fun. Heaven again. No one was going home either. I have no idea what the hell time it is, or day. Pretty sure I crossed three time zones to get here, and my watch was already an hour off from crossing into Tanzania, which I also had to change 9 hours ahead when arriving in AF in the first place, but I guess it don't matter; it's either dark, or not-dark. I hung out until the sun came up, then went to take a nap for a while. Life just doesn't seem like it can get much better right now, I think as I'm falling asleep.


  1. Sounds great man. But... wait until you get into "Bangkok" ;0)

  2. Wow that's awesome. I can't wait to hear more when you get to bangkok. I'm pretty sure that's where i've decided to go. So I really hope you are still there in August. Miss you and I am TERRIBLY jealous of what you are learning and experiencing. But it's my turn next :) Can't wait to pick your brain before I get there :)