Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fishing Lake Malawi

I decided to splurge on yet another excursion, and go fishing on Lake Malawi. I paid a couple locals to take me out to some majestic islands to find some fish. The fishing equipment I had was some fishing line wrapped around an old flip flop, and some hooks. Definitely regretting leaving my ultra awesome fishing rod and Shakespeare real back in Tofo thinking I wouldn't fish any more. I was getting tired of carrying it around, but could definitely use it now. Never the less, I was able to catch some of the most colorful fish I've ever seen. They looked like giant African Chiclids, which Lake Malawi is known for, but who knows what they where. I also caught some normal chiclids, and that's when the guys showed me a cool trick. We were next to an island full of eagles, and when we caught a fish too small to eat, one of them would start whistling and calling for the birds to look at us. Then he would tell me to get my camera ready and would throw this fish into the air for the bird to see. when the fish landed in the water, the eagle would swoop down and snatch it out of the water. It was awesome, but out of the ten times it happened, I never could catch it on camera.
later on we had a small feast of grilled mystery fish (well to me), topped off with beer that some of the guys made themselves. They called it shake shake, and said it was made from corn and stuff. Apparently it's called shake shake because you are suppose to shake it a couple times before you drink it. it's worth a try, I'll try anything once, but this wasn't good at all. More like rotten mud.

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