Saturday, January 22, 2011

funny looking trucker

It was good to be back to the beach

Unfortunately there are no ATMs in Monkey Bay or Cape Mclear, so when I was running out of money I had to go to the nearest bank, which was Magochi, about an hour bus ride away. I wanted to save moreny and took the ride in a quambi/chappa/minibus, depending on what country you are in, which was 300 kwatcha. It was so packed that the hour seemed like 3. They are hot and stuffy, and besides the constant honking and swerving around potholes, the blaring music, anything from Bob Marley to Eminem, didn't do much to make for a nice journey. after getting to Mongochi and getting my cash at the ATM and stopping by for some water at a drink stand, I knew it was time to endure the journey back. This time i decided i wanted more room, and figured I would catch a ride on one of the many trucks picking people up and taking them down the road for cheap. When I paid the 300 kwatcha to get me back to Monkey Bay, I hopped into the bed of the truck and thought that this was a much better idea. But before long, the 5 people in the truck turned into 20, then 30, and at last count 40. I was standing at the front looking over the cab, but it was so packed that I couldn't even turn to either side, let alone bend down or anything. They just kept picking up people as they went along. They stopped so frequently that the ride turned into a 2 hour ordeal. for 2 hours I was stuck standing in the back of the truck, facing foreword into the wind, getting burnt by the African sun. When we arrived into town, I was stared at constantly by what seemed like the whole town. I was hot and tired, and didn't really care, but when I passed by a mirror I grew an instant understanding of why. I had been sweating all day, so my hair was wet, then at the same time had been standing in the windy truck bed for 2 hours, so my hair was standing straight up into a mohawk. then on top of that I was wearing a shirt that a local guy made me that was black with crazy yellow, green and red stripes going everywhere. It's a helluva ugly shirt that doesn't match anything known to man, but it's comfortable. All that mixed with the fact that I'm the only white boy in town, made me the spectacle of the area. Someone even called me the king of Monkey Bay. Kids and adults alike riding bikes would stare so hard and long they would only be pryed away when they ran into something. It was a little weird, but at least the people are some of the nicest in the world. After only being in a place for a day or so, everyone in town knows or recognises me, and I have to return greetings every 10 seconds, when walking around town. People will yell out things like, "hey big boss, are you fine today?" or "howzit friend?". Sometimes from way down the street they yell for me, and I sometimes just ignore them like I never heard anything, just for the fact that I get tired of saying I'm good, you?

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