Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good bye Monkey Bay

trying to catch the eagle catching the fish on camera is hard

After only 4 days (or was it 5?) in Monkey Bay, I got the travel bug again. I woke up this morning and said, screw it, I want to go north. I guess I got my fill of the beer, beaches and broads (i mean ladies). It just so happens that the ferry was in town, and leaving in an hour. So I threw my junk into my bag, paid my bill, and hurried down to the docks. First class all the way to Nkata, a three day ride, was only $80, so I took it. You think I would of learned the difference between American first class and African. My visions of sipping wine on the deck and a cushy bed at night dissipated away as I got to the first class deck and it was nothing but just that.. a wooden deck with park benches along the sides, and a bar that over charges for drinks. At night they rent out mattresses for a price, and everyone just sleeps where ever. During the day everyone huddles together on the benches that are under the tarp awning, to try and get out of the sun.

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