Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scuba diving

I feel like I'm doing allot of bouncing around on here, but I forgot to mention getting scuba certified in Tofo. It was awesome. It took four days to get totally certified, and that included 4 pool dives and 4 ocean dives. The cool part about the ocean dives is that we went to a different reef every time, and after doing our skill practices, we always had around 45 minutes to go explore. I spent allot of that time trying to perfect my breathing technique, so as to use as little air as possible, mostly because most of the stuff from the first couple dives I had seen before while being a snorkeling guide in Costa Rica. But then the last two dives where great. I had never seen a mantis shrimp before, and they are awesome. Bright green and maybe purple, they really stand out. A couple turtles, named Steven and Alan where pretty neat also. Our professor was able to go on better dives, since he was already certified, and was lucky enough to swim with the fish that puts Tofo on the map, the whale shark. It was a great experience getting certified in arguably some of the best diving in the world, and am now looking foreword to maybe earning masterdiver status.

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  1. Love these new pictures! E-mail them to me as much as you can so I can add them to my website. If I sell anything using them, I will give you the money. :)