Tuesday, January 18, 2011

time to go

No more Tofo. I love it here and the people are great, but I am ready to go. it's a great beach location, and the diving is unparalleled, but it's also a huge tourist attraction, and is swarmed with everything from Australians to Europeans, and even a few Americans. Mostly I would say it's full of the South African beach bums coming for vacation to raise hell.
One thing I forgot to mention is that about 3 days into Tofo, I completely ran out of money because the money I expected to show up in my account from the school never showed. I had to get a job right away to pay for things. The first person I asked was the owner of Fatimas, Fatima herself, about getting some work. Right away she hooked me up with a job running her friends Internet cafe for a few hours a day, just to cover room and board. It was a sweet hook up, I would sit in a hammock and read, while people used the computers. It also felt good when I went to leave Tofo, and had no room bill, or had payed for all those meals for 2 weeks or more. Now I have my money, but am going to try and get work everywhere I go, just to spend as little money as possible. I guess I'm learning and perfecting my travelers technique as i go.

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