Monday, January 24, 2011

What brings ya?

I was wondering if there was a trend or some reason that some nationalities travel more than others. So I decided to take a tally.
           Israelis- 15               Japanese-5
           Dutch- 12                Irish-1
           English-10               Chinese-1

I know for a fact that I've met more of each of these nationalities, but these are just ones that I remember. Theres also people from many other places that I've met, but that would take forever. You might be thinking that contrary to what I've been saying about Americans not traveling, I've met a lot of them, but out of the 10, there was only 2 that were'nt in the peace corp, and were just traveling. I do meet alot of peace corp volunteers, but I don't think that is the same a backpacker. The corp pays for everything, and there is a lot more security in that. None of the others were volunteers or had jobs waiting them.

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